Central Oklahoma Quilters Quild, Inc.   
Central Oklahoma Quilters Guild, Inc.

COQG was the dream of Betty Jo Haines, founder and first president. Our first meeting was held in April 1980, with 30 present.

Guild meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of each month, 10 am and 7 pm (except November and December, which meet on the third Thursday). May and December are joint meetings and begin at 6 pm.

Membership is open to all who have an interest in quilts and we would love to have you join us!

 Meetings are held at:
St. John's Methodist Church
1755 N. Meridian Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK.

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Mark Your Calendar:
Meeting Dates:

Yearly dues:
Regular - $35
               Senior (65+) and Junior (17-) - $30
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   April 24 / May 22 (6 pm Joint meeting)

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Homemade Starch/Sizing Recipe

The "Redneck Quilter" (Bonnie Bowman) has graciously shared her recipe for starch/sizing.  As this is a "Redneck" recipe, let us know if you develop the 'perfect' ratio!
Download Recipe Spray Starch Recipe.pdf


Valuable Tips for Quilt Storage

Martha Spark

(Textile care and preservation expert)

Swim Noodles are safe to use to roll our quilts that are
no wider than the 48" noodle length.
Clear plastic containers are safe for fabrics storage IF the letters PP and/or PE appear on the bottom next to the triangle
It is not recommended to use Space-Saver type plastic bags for long term quilt storage as the compression of the fibers will cause strain and breakage over time.  A better option is to wrap quilts in clean, white cotton sheets
as textiles need to breath.

            President's Challenge 2013-14
                         BJ Davis

 My President's Challenge and my President’s block are being combined into one project this year.
 My family has a long history of military service. My father (Howard Gentry) served in World War II. My husband (Steve) spent seven and a half years in the Army and my oldest son (Mitchell) spent four years active duty in the Army. In addition, an uncle and two cousins made a career in the Navy. I have been taught Duty, Honor, Country all my life.

 I had heard of Quilts of Valor and then was inspired watching this years OETA’s fundraising campaign featuring Quilts of Valor. The segment reported on a quilt guild giving away Quilts of Valor to veterans at a quilt show they held.

 I invite you to make a Quilt of Valor to be presented to a veteran or active duty member of the military. I would like to present these quilts to military members who are family members of our Quilt Guild members first. These quilts will be displayed and given to the recipients in May 2014 at the conclusion of a quilt show to be held at St. John’s United Methodist Church in Oklahoma City.

Basic Quilt of Valor Requirements:

*Use good quality 100% cotton fabric
*Size: no smaller than 55x65 and no larger than 72x90 *Use low loft batting (Cotton, 80/20 or poly from Pellon; Warm Company; Quilter’s Dream; Hobbs)
*Keeping a journal as you make the quilt is recommended. *Make a coordinating pillowcase or bag in which to place your Quilt of Valor.

To learn more about Quilts Of Valor or get free patterns go to

"Our Sister's Closet"
2209 W. I-240 Service Road
Walnut Square Shopping Center
(NW Corner of I-240 & Penn Ave.)

Monday-Friday 10-6
Saturday 10-5
Closed Sunday

Please donate lightly used clothing and
accessories as well as decorative home items. 
Books are always appreciated.

Our Sister's Closet has been COQG's charity of choice since 2009 - Please consider donating items to benefit the
YWCA Women's Shelter BEFORE having a garage sale.

~Have you considered donating a quilt for the YWCA's Purple Sash Fundraiser auction?  Contact Cindy at Our Sister's Closet.

All donations are tax deductible

The Winter Quilt Show - OKC

Presented by Quilters, Stitchers & Crafts Expo


Have you started your President's Challenge quilt?
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for the following positions:

President Elect
Director of Programs Elect

Join the fun of working with our
great Board and helping your guild!




Jana Davidson

Embroidery Tips


9 am-Noon

Marilyn Karper

Hunter's Star


- April 22 - 6:30 pm
St. John's
Mondays the week of Board meetings
9am - 3pm