One last meeting at the Salt church – June 25th
Workshop – June 27th

No Guild Meeting in JULY…..See you at the Quilt Show – Cox Pavilion – OK State Fairgrounds

The Salt (St. John’s) church has closed it’s doors; thus COQG currently does NOT have a permanent meeting place!

A search committee has been contacting different locations that can house all of COQG’s needs to include a large meeting room for monthly Thursday meetings (day/evening), workshops and HeartWarmers, plus a smaller meeting room for board and quilt show meetings.  The biggest obstacle has been the availability of a large on-site storage room to meet all of COQG’s storage needs.  Another concern has been locations with steps, either upstairs or downstairs, which can create safety issues.

Please contact Evelyn Day or Linda Williams with any potential locations.


“Celebration of Quilts 2015 – 35 Years-Still Piecing”
July 17-18, 2015
Cox Pavilion
State Fair Park
Oklahoma City, OK


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COQG Sponsored Charity


The show committee is please to have chosen Positive Tomorrows as the charity we will donate 30% of the proceeds from the raffle quilt ticket sales. Please do your part in raising money for this worthy organization. Our mission is simple: educating homeless children and their families for life. We use education to help break the cycle of homelessness and poverty. We help in three main ways:

Removing Barriers Supporting the Family Educating the Homeless Child Check out the Positive Tomorrows Needs List on their website. Learn how you can get involved with Positive Tomorrows!

“Our Sister’s Closet”
2209 W. I-240 Service Road
Walnut Square Shopping Center
(NW Corner of I-240 & Penn Ave.)Hours
Monday-Friday 10-6
Saturday 10-5
Closed SundayPlease donate lightly used clothing and accessories as well a decorative home items.
Books are always appreciated.Our Sister’s Closet has been COQG’s charity of choice since 2009 – Please consider donating items to benefit the YWCA Women’s Shelter BEFORE having a garage sale.

~Have you considered donating a quilt for the YWCA’s Purple Sash Fundraiser auction?  Contact Cindy at Our Sister’s Closet.

All donations are tax deductible

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Valuable Tips for Quilt Storage from Martha Spark

Martha Spark is a textile care and preservation expert.

— Swim Noodles are safe to use to roll our quilts that are no wider than the 48″ noodle length.
— Clear plastic containers are safe for fabrics storage IF the letters PP and/or PE appear on the bottom next to the triangle.
— It is not recommended to use Space-Saver type plastic bags for long term quilt storage as the compression of the fibers will cause strain and breakage over time.  A better option is to wrap quilts in clean, white cotton sheets as textiles need to breath.

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