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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member of the Central Oklahoma Quilters Guild (COQG)?

Joining COQG is simple! Visit our website's membership page to sign up and instantly become a part of our vibrant quilting community.


What are the benefits of being a COQG member?

As a member, you gain access to inspiring workshops, monthly meetings with Show and Share, engaging programs, and exclusive events like our biennial Quilt Show. You can also participate in our President's Challenge, contribute to the HeartWarmers Project, and enjoy our Block of the Month program. Membership also grants you access to our pattern library.


What happens at the monthly meetings?

Monthly meetings are a quilting extravaganza! Featuring member Show and Share, door prizes, quilt-related programs, and opportunities to connect with fellow quilters.

Tell me more about the HeartWarmers Project. How can I get involved?

The HeartWarmers Project involves creating quilts and handmade items for those in need. As a member, you can contribute by piecing quilt tops, picking up kits, binding quilt sandwiches, and even knitting afghans, hats, and mittens for kids and babies.

What is the President's Challenge, and how can I participate?

The President's Challenge is an annual quilt challenge where members create a quilt based on a set of rules, share them at the May meeting, and vote on their favorites. Winners receive ribbons, and it's a fantastic opportunity to showcase your quilting ingenuity.


What is the Block of the Month (BOM) program?

COQG's BOM program is a mystery quilt challenge led by our BOM Director. Members receive monthly patterns, creating a surprise layout revealed at the end of the year. 


How can I access the pattern library?

As a COQG member, you'll have exclusive access to our pattern library on the website, offering a rich collection of quilting patterns for your creative exploration.

Become a member

As a member, your involvement with COQG goes beyond the creative joy of quilting – it contributes to our community through volunteerism and service.



Inspiring knowledge



Weaving bonds beyond quilting



Preserving quilt legacies

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